Sunday, June 03, 2001

Trouble in Mind

The trouble is the fuckers, of course
the powers that be, in Walter
Wink's phrase: wealth and power, separately and together.  As
Wink points out, they're fallen,
thus prone to all sorts of pernicious, evil, or simply annoying acts.
 The main
trouble with the fuckers, however, is that they constantly distract us
(often in brutal ways) from the real trouble, which is that we live in
a world of material scarcity where we grow old and sick and die; and yet
have to try to live a decent life here.  

The gnostic take is that the world is not only fallen but deprived of
spirit, that spirit exists only in fragments we must fine and nurture
so that things can be reincorporated in the divine.  Or
something like that.

And meanwhile the fuckers distract us with brute force and lots of it.
 Maybe they
can't help it, as Wink says, but I say the least we can do is point out
what they're up to, the fuckers.